Registration Renewal Fees in Virginia

When you renew your Virginia Car Registration or replace your registration documents, there are several types of fees you will likely have to pay: the car registration charge, the inspection charge and local charges. Furthermore, in the event you decide to order your registration online through our digital portal, you will also have to pay our agency fee. We have provided a list of all the fees you may have to pay in the sections below, for your convenience:

Emissions Inspection Fee (depending on location):

  • Garaged vehicles in the state of Virginia are required to undergo inspection for emissions in certain counties. If your automobile is garaged in one of these counties and must undergo emissions testing, you will be charged a $2 emissions inspection fee during your renewal.

Local Registration Renewal Fees (depending on location):

  • Certain areas of Virginia participate in the state’s Local Vehicle Registration Program. If your vehicle is garaged in one of these areas, you will be charged a local registration fee, though this is typically limited to residents of Virginia Beach.
    • Local fees for passenger vehicles: $30.00 to $35.00
    • Local fees for motorcycles: $23.00
    • Local fees for trailers: $7.50 to $25.00 (depending on trailer type)
    • Local fees for larger commercial vehicles: $24.00 to $85.00

 Vehicle Registration Renewal Fee:

  • Passenger vehicles that weigh less than 4,000 pounds: $40.75
  • Passenger vehicles between 4,000 pounds and 6,500 pounds: $45.75
  • Pickup trucks up to 10,000 pounds: $40.75 to $51.75 (depending on weight)
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and autocycles: $20.25 to $28.75
  • Private commercial vehicles: $45.50 to $446.70 (depending on weight)
  • For-rent/for-hire vehicles: up to $475.50 (depending on weight)
  • Tow trucks: $101.50 to $801.00 (depending on weight)
  • Passenger vehicles for rent: $30.00 to $75.35 (depending on weight)
  • Common carrier/city buses: $30.65 to $130.75 (depending on weight)
  • Non-commercial trailers, commercial/farm trucks and commercial buses: renewal fee is based on weight

Late Fee:

  • In the event your vehicle registration is already expired when you go to renew, you will be charged an additional $10 late fee.

Our Third-Party Agency Fee:

  • To process your online car registration renewal with the state as your authorized agent, charges a $29.95 agency fee. This agency fee is not a requirement if you decide to renew your registration online directly through the Virginia state portal. However, our agency fee covers more than just registration renewal services. Customers also gain access to added benefits, such as customer service phone support, email support and live chat agents. Furthermore, if you use our online service, you will enjoy error-free processing and a 60-Day Roadside Assistance Program Trial.

Credit Card Authorization Estimate:

  • If you decide that you want to proceed with renewing your registration online through our digital portal, note that you will be taken to a checkout page where you will be provided with a price estimate based on the information you have provided. This information includes the type of vehicle you drive, your location and more. When you complete the online purchase, our team will authorize your credit card for the estimated amount. However, note that the amount ultimately billed to your card may be slightly different when we finally process your request through the state of Virginia.  

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